100% Real Natural Human Hair

Looking for natural hair extensions? We partner with reputable hair merchants across the globe to import superior quality 100% real human hair extensions, shipped directly to our studio in Melbourne.

Our Euro hair extensions are strong and durable as well as smooth and silky to give you a natural effortless look.

Available in 18” & 22” lengths, hair can be supplied virgin colour or pre-coloured to suit your requirements.

Cuticle intact and directionally correct ensures our Euro hair is tangle free, easy to style and exceeds the very high quality standards we work to. As our Euro hair is sourced from numerous countries and is more readily available than virgin hair, it is a more affordable option.


Euro Hair Installations

We offer three exclusive systems of installation, Euro-Invisi Weft, Mini-Weft & Invisi-Strands. All of our applications are gentle on the natural hair and require no glue, heat or braiding to install. For the most beautiful natural hair extensions, made from real human hair, book a consultation today.

Benefits of Euro Installs


Our extensions are made from 100% real human hair (no synthetics!)

Cuticle Intact

Hair cuticles are intact making the hair more durable

Cuticle Direction Correct

Hair is tangle free and easy to brush and style

Virtually Double Drawn

Most of the short hairs are removed to give thickness from root to end


Available in lengths 18” & 22” Available in 5 textures from silky straight to a deep curl. Three exclusive installation methods which use no glue or heat to apply

Colour Matched

With over 60 colour combinations and highlighted blends available we can achieve the perfect match, giving you a natural look


Beautiful in texture, virgin Russian hair flows naturally giving elegance and style

Ethically Sourced

Our agents only purchase hair directly from willing donors who are paid premium prices